Monday, November 16, 2009

Recycled Containers

I love, love love the new Similac containers! Since the round canisters have been made out of cardboard instead of metal- there has been less you could do to re-use them. These new plastic ones are GREAT though...not only when you are using the formula (there is a spot for the scoop to go- no more searching!) but they have a spiffy hinged lid, and make great containers around the house when you are through with them.
All you have to do is remove the wrapper, pop off the lid to remove any remaining foil seal, wash in soapy water, dry, fill, pop on the lid- and you have a recycled-freebie container! =-)
They have thumb grips on one side, so they are great for shelves- just grab the one you need, they line up nicely. I label mine with a permanent marker, but you could also use a label machine or something else. In one I've even kept the scoop- perfect amount for quickly tossing in salt for pasta water!


Nona said...

I so very much wish I had seen this post when my son was still drinking formula.