Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dinner Re-Vamp: Chicken

You've made a gorgeous chicken, like the one here at Mrs. Suzie's blog, (pictured) but you have leftovers- what do you make? Here are 10 great meals to use up that leftover chicken, beyond the usual soup or casserole:

1. Fried Rice- chicken cooked any way can be shredded or chopped and added to a variety of quick rice dishes.
2. Chicken Quesadillas- grab your chicken, some tortillas, some cheese, and you've got an easy and satisfying meal.
3. Pizza- try adding chicken to pizza for a gourmet treat. Why pay over 20 bucks for a pie when you can top it yourself. Try chicken with artichokes, black beans and salsa, BBQ, or simply with a little olive oil and spinach.
4. Chicken Salad- served on bread, a croissant, or even a bed of greens.
5. Pot Pie- Warm from the oven, nutritious and comforting.
6. Burritos- Mix some chicken with green chilie sauce or salsa, and fill a tortilla. Try chicken alone, or add tasty leftover rice, or beans.
7. Creamed Chicken- a favorite at my house, served over toast or noodles, sure to please.
8. Nachos- yum! Sprinkle chicken, cheese and tasty toppings over corn chips and bake until warm and gooey.
9. BBQ- mix with bbq sauce and serve on buns for a quick easy dinner.
10. Pasta- mix with any sauce, toss with any noodles, and you have a simple family meal all will love. Try mixing in some veggies for extra taste, canned tomatoes, thawed and drained frozen spinach, even fresh spring peas.