Monday, October 3, 2011

Super Cute & Cheap Find

Today I was grabbing a few things at Dollar General, and decided to browse the Halloween section. They were still getting it up, but I saw these CUTE silicon, or maybe just silicon-ish, ice cube trays.
Jack-o-lanterns and skulls/crossbones....
And guess how much?
One stinking dollar each! I grabbed 2 of each (a splurge for me...LOL) If you live in my area, sorry that I grabbed both of the skull ones they had up. Ok, only slightly sorry, they're really adorable and will be restocked before you get there! =-D (They probably have tons "in the city" too! ;-])


PHWDGoddess said...

Great find!! I wish we had those at our dollar store here in California. We don't. I had to pay much more for the same skull and crossbones mold at Michaels. Those jackolanterns are super cute.