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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Review: Elmer's & X-acto Crafers (Via BzzAgent)

As I've said before, I am very fortunate to be part of and I occasionally receive awesome kits to use and review. The past few weeks I've been lucky enough to get to play with the BzzKit from Elmer's and Xacto.

I received the items pictured-
An Elmer's tape runner, glue spots, glue pen, and a glue stick. From X-acto I got two pairs of decorative scissors and a nifty corner-rounder.

The adhesive products are what you'd expect from Elmer's, great consistency & easy of use. The "tape" runner is pretty much a glue-tape hybrid of sorts, and so handy & fun to use. I also love the little tape dots- I've never used them before and I have big plans for some 3D-ish holiday cards now!

As for the tools, they were a dream as well, sharp and comfortable on my hands. I do have to admit though...that corner-rounder...way addictive. I have rounded the corners on almost EVERY notepad in the house. (It can do 3-5 pages at a time easy.) It's amazing how much just a simple little shape change can make anything look a million times nicer. Really, I have the coolest shopping lists ever now. I'm thinking some spiffed up notepads would make a nice addition to gifts.

Cons with these products-
The glue stick is a little smellier than other sticks. Not so much that it's bothersome though. The corner-rounder-puncher is tough- but I kinda wish it would punch through ribbon. That'd be awesome. Also I want need the rounds-cutter. A compass & cutter in one? I'd have every paper in the house in circles.

Just a reminder- I received these products from BzzAgent, but I am NOT told what to say, required to only say good/nice things, or nor do I even HAVE to say anything on my blog at all. I HAVE left a product off my blog I DIDN'T like.  =-)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

No Time Doughnuts

Doughnuts, donuts, doh-nuts, whatever. They're yummy.
As a quick dessert, treat, snack, or if you're so inclined- breakfast, try these super quick doughnuts made from canned biscuit dough.

First, begin by heating about an inch of oil in a very heavy skillet-I prefer cast iron.

While your oil is heating pop open a can of biscuits & flatten each SLIGHTLY with the palm of your hand & cut out the middle with something like the lid to a soda bottle. I use an old scoop from formula with the handle cut off. Set these aside to puff back up while the oil continues to heat. Oh, the holes too. They're lovely little bites of awesome.

When your oil's hot & your dough is puffed up slightly, gently slide 4-5 doughnuts into the oil. Be careful, but quick. By the time you place the last one in, the first one will be ready to turn over. Seriously, it only takes a few seconds. Another great reason to chose these- they cook so quick they don't have time to absorb much grease. Carefully flip over with a wide spatula & cook until the other side is also golden brown and delicious. (Thanks AB.)

Then, you'll want to drain & let cool slightly on some paper towels. I like to use a cake pan, so the little holes can't escape roll away. During this time you can put some powdered sugar, or cinnamon sugar into brown paper lunch bags. Or both. You need to let the doughnuts sit for a brief bit or the coatings will melt too much an make a big mess, instead of adding to the yumminess. Plus they'll look like crap if you don't. Sorry.

Put a few doughnuts/holes in a bag & shake to coat. There. Done. Yum.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Friends, and Crock-pots are Awesome

Like, super-dooper awesome. Really.

Even though I am a WAHM, I often have to leave the house for various appointments, or to meet with clients. For those days, Crock-pots are amazing. Last night I pulled out some of the pre-rolled meatballs I made & stashed from the freezer & popped them in the fridge to defrost. Today I tossed them into the slow cooker with a can of diced tomatoes and a jar of spaghetti sauce. Near-instant dinner for when we get home!
While everyone clambered in & got settled I boiled some noodles & heated some store-bought bread up in the oven. (On 400 for the time it takes to boil noodles.)
What really made supper super- some FRESH herbs straight from our good awesome friend's GIANT basil, oregano & thyme plants. It's totally a BUSH of basil now. It's pretty freakin' awesome looking, and smells sooooooo good! I just tossed some chopped herbs in while the noodles & bread finished up. DELICIOUS!