Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Toy!

Here's my new toy, eerr... gadget, that I'll be trying out & "reporting" on.
The washer...not the cat

I read a boat-load of great things about it before I purchased, & bad things about the much-higher-priced name-almost-stealing "Wonder Washer"...basically, the "Wonder Washer" is said to be crap.
The two younger kids & I popped it into the bathtub to try it out AS SOON as Mr. UPS dropped it off. Well, handed it to me as I opened the door when I heard his truck. No, I wasn't waiting for it all day...who said that!?
We just tossed in some RANDOM things from the hamper, so later I'll do a few much more thought-out loads to show a measurable amount of what this baby can do. It looks like we threw in about 3 socks, 2 washcloths, a cleaning cloth, a pair of men's boxer-briefs, a mommy-sized shirt, a little boy's pj top, a daddy-sized t-shirt, and a daddy-sized pair of slacks. Wow, I love hyphenated words.
Yep 3 socks, and none match
I also tried to take a picture of the water draining out...because it was so yucky it was cool. Can you tell I have boys?
You can't really tell though...

Oh yeah.... by-the-way...

Ps... I'm not replacing normal washers (Oh Dear Heavens I have 3 children!) But to help me with those hand-washing ones I do between laundrymat visits. ("Mom I ran out of socks" "Mom, G threw up on her sheets" & the kitchen rags! =-)


shannonpaldino said...

Okay, you posted all this info, but NO RESULTS!! =) How did it do?

Kim ~ One Nutty Mama said...

Is this gentle enough to do handwash only items? I don't have the patience for those items and refuse to buy them in the first place.

Jenni said...

It did really good! BUT, I wanna try different items & sized loads before I report back for realsies! =-D