Monday, November 8, 2010

Quick Tip: Uses for Petroleum Jelly

Here are some awesome uses for petroleum jelly, also known to some as Vaseline.

In the house:
  • Remove tapered candles from their holders easily, and quickly by rubbing a small amount into the holder before you insert the candle.
  • Rubbing a bit along the inside of that super glue lid will ease the pain of opening it the next time you want to use it.
  • Outdoor light bulbs sure can be tough to get out of their sockets when they need changing. If you rub some petroleum jelly to the threads before you put it in, it will prevent the corrosion that happens- and makes it stick.
  • Rub some jelly into leather items, to condition and restore. Jackets, baseball gloves...
  • Here's a tip that is handy- and fun! Sick of squirrels stealing your bird feed? Install your feeders on top of metal fencing poles. Then, coat with petroleum jelly. Sit back, enjoy the bird watching...and laugh at the silly squirrels who will slide off the greasy pole. A backyard entertainment two-fer!


nuttymama said...

If you rub some on the edges of your hair line when doing a home dye it will prevent your skin from being stained.

Jenni said...

Another great one nuttymama! Thanks! =-)