Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Thanksgiving Countdown

Everyone has a general time-line they like to follow leading to Turkey Day, this is my general flow:

1 week before (5-7 days before):
  • ·         Get turkey defrosting in fridge
  • ·         Organize pantry for ease & to double-check ingredients
  • ·         Buy all non-perishable ingredients
  • ·         Make a final shopping list of perishables & hang in the kitchen just-in-case something gets used (Such as cream, butter & other everyday items)
  • ·         Plan activities/get DVDs & stock up on arts& crafts items for the children’s break from school
The Monday before:
  • ·         Iron out cooking/baking schedule to allow for any changes (new guests/new requests/etc.)
  • ·         Finalize shopping list- you will be going tomorrow
The Tuesday before:
  • ·         Go shopping  for perishables & missing items
  • ·         Cut veggies for snacks/appetizers (celery & carrot sticks, etc.)
  • ·         Cut any veggies you know you will be using a large amount of & stow in the fridge in lidded containers. (Onions, celery, etc.)
  • ·         If making dressing from cubed bread, cut & put in a large zip-lock bag
  • ·         If making any dishes that freeze/store well you should make them today. (Make-a-head mashed potatoes, some casseroles, etc.)
  • ·         Organize baking items/area for the big baking day tomorrow
  • ·         Bake your booty off. If you are making your pies from scratch (I do, I’m picky) do them today. If you have rolls to make, get them done. I like to get my dough done and slow-rising in the fridge & bake them off on Thursday
  • ·         Make & pop in the fridge any dishes that do well storing overnight. (Things like Green Bean Casserole…) Pull out & defrost in the fridge any other dishes you may have frozen
  • ·         If making fresh- make your cranberry sauce
  • ·         Start any appetizers that will store well. (I begin my stuffed mushrooms)
  • ·         Put together your relish/crudités platter & tuck into the fridge
I'll post my Thursday checklist after I finalize it tomorrow! =-)