Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Boxed Mixes Save Time

Nothing is better than something fresh from the oven, but many of us often settle for pre-made-grab-from-the-grocery-store-bakery-counter-fare. Wow, that's a lotta hyphens!
You don't have to settle for less than fantastic cake to save time, cake mixes have a bad wrap for not being homemade, and not being tasty enough- but is it really any worse then the preservative filled items you pick up at the store? Fresh beats pre-made any day, and a few tips can make those boxed mixes and frosting tastes like Grandma's.

My favorite cake "hacks":

- Add a few drops of vanilla or other flavorings to mixes or frosting to give a deeper, rounder flavor- almond is nice, peppermint is great in the winter
- Don't try to pipe frosting from the can, stir in a bit of powdered sugar, small amounts at a time, until it is a good piping constancy- this is especially important if you have added liquid food coloring as it thins it out
- Be extra careful to not over bake, a dried out cake is yucky-no matter where the batter came from
- Try replacing the oil called for with margarine (not butter) for a moist, slightly buttery taste
- A box of INSTANT pudding to the mix will add richness and flavor
- Remember to use room temperature eggs for the best texture
- Try adding preserves to your frosting for a fruity treat
- Sour cream added to the mix makes a great moist, rich, fluffy cake (about 3/4-1 cup)


nuttymama said...

Add a box of powdered jello mix with the dry ingredients to a white or yellow cake mix. It makes it very moist due to the extra sugars.
My favorite cook book is The Cake Mix doctor. It is full of TONS of great recipes that all start with a box cake mix.