Sunday, November 14, 2010

Refrigerator Drip Pans...Aka ZOMGoodness WTF is That Smell!?

Until this morning I was blissfully unaware that my refrigerator had a drip pan. I mean, of course if you THINK about it...why wouldn't it? But why would I think about it!?

Soooo...about 5 days ago, the back corner of my kitchen had a faint whiff of socks. Noticed, of course, only after a full day...and the midnight hour quickly approaching. After a quick sniff-around of the area, we determined it was coming from the fridge. Did something die!? Did the kids spill something under it!? Is the cat hiding food? We can clean it in the's only a few hours away after all.

Sooooo...the next morning, after pulling out & cleaning under and behind the fridge. (By the way, Cat, I know where your toys are...) The wonderful aroma of bleach cleaner filled my kitchen & I was sure the smell had left.

Sooooo...the next day...I know, right? I smell socks-mixed-with-yogurt-mixed-with-butt. Is it IN the fridge? I clean the fridge...I pull out the veggie drawer. What's that little thingie? A drain. I bet that's nasty! I pulled it out & cleaned it. It was gross. I thought I was done.

Another day of sniffing...& wondering... I ran out of things to check & clean! It was stronger...not any worse of a smell...but stronger. More ass than butt now...
Is there something up in bottom? Is that possible? Should I...look!? Maybe I'll save it for Hubby...OMFGosh, smells, I can't wait. But I have to, again it's like 1 in the morning, NOT a good time to try & take apart the fridge!

So glad I waited, with a few hours of sleep I was able to have a thought! I should totally LOOK UP on the internet HOW TO get in there first! Great idea, right? So I look it up..guess what...
I learned about drip pans!

Apparently, those little suckers not only collect the water that drips from the self-defrosting feature, but bits of food & junk as well. THEN the water mostly evaporates...leaving behind a sludge of bacteria, mess, and hell. And you're SUPPOSED to clean it. We've been here a year, never knew about it to clean it- & I doubt it's been cleaned before us. For reals...I pulled that sucker out...& THREW UP. I'm not pregnant, not weak-stomached...& I barfed like a model after Sizzler.

Sooooo....long story short...
Go, RIGHT NOW- find & clean your gosh-forsaken drip pans!

Ps...My kitchen smells lovely now, thank you.