Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaBloPoMo 2011

National Blog Posting Month is once again here. It begins slow and easy, with a cuppa on a lovely afternoon. Here we are recuperating from having Halloween on a school night and preparing for a possible Autumn snowstorm. Many of you are still stuck in the mess of a Nor'Easter snow storm last week. One of my closest friends is still without power, and freezing her buns off. Lots of warm thoughts go out to all of you, and wishes for power to return quickly. [For those of you charging phones and laptops in your cars like she is...the rest of you will see this later ;-)]

This Halloween we had a Ringwraith, a zombie (who stayed in character, it was adorable!), and a "sc-awy ghost", who loved to announce to everyone, and anyone what she was. She also wouldn't say "Trick-or-treat" for nothin'. But a sing-songy "thank you" melted everyone's hearts.

A corn-starch face is gentle on Eczema =-)
Homemade blood ALWAYS works best
He's gonna get that Hobbit ;-)
We only went to a handful of house, having a just-potty-trained little one made us nervous, and no one seemed to mind anyways. I think school wore them out. Plus we've been snacking on homemade treats all weekend, so the candy wasn't as lusted for.
There were also chocolate covered ones...and cookies!
Now we're settling down, waiting for the good moisture to come, and planning for our Thanksgiving festivities. Yeah, we love to eat here.