Monday, November 21, 2011

Liven Things Up With Houseplants

Like so many homes during this gloomy-weather time of year, the Disheveled Household needs some livening up. What better way to brighten a room, or a whole house, than with house plants? A house plant can keep a little green, or a bit of color in your house when the skies outside are grey. The wind has ripped all the colorful leaves off the trees here already, so I was thinking bringing some colored plants inside would be nice. It'd also be a great way to keep your green thumb in shape while there's no plant tending to be done outside.

When choosing a houseplant,  It is important to consider a lot of the same things you would when choosing a plant that will go outside.  Your watering, location in the home you will put the plant, light, etc. You should always consult the plant's tagged information, the nursery/store employees, or do some research online, with an online plant guide. That is especially helpful if you live rural, like me, and are planning on possibly buying your plants online. I love the online option, not only for the convenience, but the wider variety it offers me. Many times you can find some very interesting plants that will thrive in your house that you just won't see locally.