Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thankful Tree

My friend Shannon posted on her Facebook something she was doing with her brood. She's a home-schooler of many, and always has the best ideas. I told her I was going to steal this one!

We made a rough trunk out of recycling the brown paper that comes in the boxes that were shipped to us. We live ruraly, and order things we can't get locally, which is a lot. I save the paper for arts & crafts.

I wanted it to stay pretty well, but we rent so I couldn't use anything TOO semi-permanent... but masking tape carefully placed did just the trick.

We cut out leaf shapes in Autumn colors, and everyone's been writing what they're thankful for every evening, until Thanksgiving.

Our little Thankful Tree will grow and grow!

(& yes, as my smarty-pants tween pointed out, the leaves are falling ON TO the tree while the ones outside are falling off.... hahaha!)