Friday, May 20, 2011

Secondhand Shopping- The Next Genreation

Our little three year-old and I walked down to our town's local secondhand shop today, and I found out she is quite the little shopper! For 2 bucks she got some great things.
First, she found a cute little her-sized basket, then a sweet little dress. She loves butterflies. (THIS WEEK!) Then she found a cute little blue wicker-like purse that she says we have to share, and she loves it because it looks like a basket. I guess she loves baskets this week too! She also found a Share Bear Care Bear! A lovely day for her, quite a great haul!
Part of her booty

Her lovely purse

Mommy got the usual kids' clothing, a few bits of fabric for sewing projects, a supercute tray-basket thing, AND some lovely 70's stacking Corelle cups! (Old Town Blue!)
My fantastic cups on my supercute tray
I also found a Presto microwave popcorn popper for a quarter! =-)

I think it was a taxing trip though...even at 11 in the morning, someone (I won't say who!) couldn't make it home: