Friday, June 3, 2011

Making a Potty Training Bribe Better

Potty training #3 is HARD. She has got to be the most stubborn child ever, we seem to have tried everything. I've finally broken down and tried bribing. I read somewhere about having a small container of small candies in the bathroom as rewards, what to put in there was a tough decision. People suggested M&Ms or Skittles because of their small size, but I didn't really feel comfortable in having unwrapped candies in the bathroom. So, I finally settled on tiny, wrapped packs of Sixlets.
While holding the pack to show her what'd she could get after using the potty, we came up with a few great ways to use them while waiting! They were a great distraction from her bored-wanting-to-get-off-the-potty-ness!
First, we counted the candies in the pack. Fun! Then, we named the colors in the pack. Super! Then, a little more difficult for her, and a great teaching tool, we counted how many of each color in the pack. Brilliant! She's had so much fun she's doing this with other things around the house! "There are 2 yellows. There is 1 blue." Now I can feel a little less guilty about bribing her! ;-)


Tami said...

Never feel guilty about bribing a child. Some times it's the only solution. :) Don't know if this is your first girl but, in my experience, the girl was much tougher than the boy. Hang in there.