Thursday, June 30, 2011

I LOVE This Stuff!

I had read somewhere about people using Bar Keeper's Friend on their pots and pans that were getting old, or had some "heat damage" and wondered how well it would work on my cleaning nemesis.
My electric stove's drip pans.
I have tried EVERYTHING on those, but they never seem to get shiny again. It wasn't just the grease and gunk that stained them, but the heat of cooking that made them look grimy. Living in a rental, I was prepared to buy new drip pans to replace ours when we moved- or be charged more to have them replaced. Seems kind of sucky when the simple act of cooking is the biggest problem with their appearance. So, seeing as the Bar Keeper's Friend was cheap, easy to find, and promised great results, I gave it a try.

I grabbed a washed, but still sad looking drip pan. Wet it and gave it a sprinkling of Bar Keeper's Friend.
BEFORE- clean, but not  
I let it sit for a few minutes, then grabbed a half a steel wool pad. I braced myself for a lot of scrubbing. I didn't need to. There was scrubbing, but not SCRUBBING like I had expected. It. Was. Awesome.
A quick rinse, and I was showing everyone in the house my shiny beautiful drip pan. They were not as excited as I was.
AFTER- I heard choirs of angels 
I LOVE this stuff!