Monday, August 20, 2012

Ella the Elephant is all Ears

This week The Princess and I are working on Ee, and the color grey. OF COURSE this week will involve ELEPHANTS! And, since we are also doing a lot of ear things....we needed to do some elephant ears.

How cute are little hand-print elephant ears? Super cute! First I found an elephant face clip art. I erased the ears, broadened the lines for little hands to cut, and put it in a document for printing. I printed on draft so that The Princess could paint it herself, but it is grey in the document so I could share it and those who didn't want extra drying time could still use it! Here's our quickly-done-a-little-crooked-but-preschoolers-cut-that-way-anyways elephant face. ;-)

We painted with watered-down grey paint (and by "we", I really mean "she painted while mommy sat there...)

Then we blotted with a little tissue to make it look like wrinkly elephant skin.
After it dried, she cut it out and we glued it onto some thick paper. Then we made some hand-print ears with non-watered down grey paint. (Which apparently tickles...a LOT!)
Ella the Elephant!