Saturday, February 22, 2014

To Market To Market- It's About Thyme!

Here's the second installation of my To Market To Market tries/reviews. The first can be found here. I really did a lot with this packet of It's About Thyme!, I made a cheese spread as suggested, and so much more.

I made the cheese ball recipe, scaled down to a household size of course, and it was delicious. Fair warning, this blend is QUITE garlicky, even after mellowing in the fridge for a bit. HOWEVER, they do give a recipe for a softer-flavored mix on the pack as well. We love garlic, so we went with the stronger one and it was soooo good!

I had all the ingredients on hand, but not everyone has Feta cheese at all times. We make a lot of Mediterranean salads. We just mixed together:

It was super simple, and although it calls for whipping it up in a food processor, I just did it by hand and everything mixed smoothly. (Warm Feta still smooshes into the mixture well.) Then we just let it sit, covered, in the fridge for a few hours. (The directions say at least 3 hours, but we also ate some after being in there overnight.)

I also made a bit of the herb-butter listed on the pack, SO easy to just add the blend to taste in some softened butter. I served it with some warm, fresh rolls and it got promptly gobbled right up. 

I also tried it as a seasoning, rather than in a recipe. I had made some Broccoli-Kale Chowder that it was delicious in, as well as just sprinkling it on some baked chicken. 

Although this blend makes a wonderful cheese ball/spread and a fantastic herb-butter,  it is its versatility that really makes it shine. What other products can you find that are so adaptable? 

You can find To Market To Market online, and on Facebook if you'd like to find out more, or check out other products. 

I did receive product to try and talk about, but I did not receive ANY other compensation. I also was not told, or suggested to, what to say and ALL opinions are MY own.