Thursday, March 13, 2014

Another Great Score at Dollar General

Popped into Dollar General today to grab a few things and of course I had to scan the clearance areas. My waiting patiently for the Valentines goods to go from 75% to 90% off paid out and I grabbed a few boxes of Valentines for school next year....and the year after, for a whopping $.10 each. They never dipped that low last year, but I was hopeful because the new management this year has been GREAT with sales and clearances.

BUT, on the other side of the store is where I really lucked out. Our store still had some bath & body gift sets left from Christmas, that up until now were just sitting on the shelves. Already at $10 each, for $12-16 worth of product, it is sometimes a good deal if you're just looking for a little discount. However today, when I passed them they had a clearance sign up! 75% off! I knew these would be gone TODAY, so I grabbed a few I know that our house would use, or that I could put up for gifts- while still not going overboard and breaking out of this months tiny budget.
For $3.00 each I got:

  • Two Suave Moroccan Infusion collections with products I've been eyeing lately. They each have a 12.6 oz Shine Shampoo, conditioner, an 8 oz deep conditioning mask, and a 3 oz shine styling oil. PLUS- a coupon for $1.00 off the skin care items of this line! 
  • Two Old Spice"Action Pack"s. They each have 1 18 oz body wash, 1 sample-size (1.7 oz) of another scent of body wash, 1 full-size deodorant, 1 trial-sized deodorant (same scent as the trial wash), and one full-sized (4oz) body spray. This one also had a coupon. 
  • One Dove set with a 24 oz deep moisture body wash, a 12 oz shampoo, a beauty bar, and a little body-poof. No coupon, but that body wash is HUGE. 
I also grabbed a little make-up kit for The Princess for $1.50, and a Calgon set that I don't know what I'm doing with yet. It has a body wash (4 oz), a little 2 oz body spray, a poofy and 3.5 oz of bath salts for $1.50 Not too shabby. 

SO, it may totally be worth checking out if your local Dollar General has these items on clearance. Quickly, before they're all snagged up!