Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Two Ingredient Treats

On Facebook I was reading some of the pages I follow, and Crystal from Suzie Homemaker had shared with us a link to some cakes with two ingredients from Hungry Girl. Being that I love, LOVE canned pumpkin, I decided to go with that one. With the little Princess in tow, I went about making one with a box of "spiced" cake mix and a can of pumpkin puree. THAT IS IT. It was so easy, that after I dumped the two in a bowl and started stirring, the three year old took over. She was super excited to be making a cake "by herself!" It was delicious! The spice and the pumpkin went together beautifully! I also didn't need to worry about all the tastes she snuck because there were no eggs! A great first cake.

Hungry Girl suggested to try it with a chocolate cake mix, and of course I love chocolate as much, if not more than pumpkin. So even if it still tasted like pumpkin, a total win! This time I made them into cupcakes, and put a few chocolate chips on top for some prettiness/extra chocolate. Is there such thing as too much chocolate!?
These treats are moist, delicious, and have a little extra fiber. I think I'll even try a few of the other ways to make them!


Kim ~ One Nutty Mama said...

oh wow this sounds really yummy. I want to try this with spice cake mix now.