Monday, January 16, 2012

Fives, Counting To and Counting By

This week The Princess and I have been working on the number 5, as well as planting some basil for our kitchen window. We combined these two for a fun activity she loved. We're counting and learning about plants!

We went into the pantry, and grabbed some beans.
We used some pintos, chick peas, white beans, red beans, black beans and lentils. We also grabbed 3 paper towels and 6 snack-sized zip-lock bags.  We cut the paper towels in half and the width was perfect for the bags. Folded into fourths, we lightly wet them and tucked them into the bags.

We counted together 5 of each bean, and put each group in a bag. We counted as we took them out of the container, into the bag, and as we lined them up in the bag. That was a lot of counting to 5. 

Then, we hung them up and counted them in their bags- BY five. We talked about how each group of 5 added up to thirty, and how we saved time counting in fives. 

We're also counting as we check them for sprouts and discuss how they are growing and the parts of the plant. This activity will last us weeks!

Red beans

White beans

Chick peas



Stephine said...

Wow, this is a really cool idea! I have to ask (a probably dumb question) do they sprout into beansprouts? Haha