Sunday, June 10, 2012

What The Heck Is This!?

I was prepping a few heads of garlic (sale!) the other day to roast in olive oil, and I came across something strange...

Yellow (goldenrod even- close to orange!), slightly wrinkly, strong smelling garlic- so strange!

What the? I quickly went to Google. Well, after I got my garlic in the oven...

Apparently there is some sort of harmless condition called "waxy breakdown" that happens when garlic is exposed to too high of heat. Usually during careless handling after harvest, but it can also happen while the garlic is growing. In all my MANY years in the kitchen, I've never seen this before. It wasn't plastered all over Google like I expected either, I had to click around a bit to find a real answer. It sure was freaky at the time!

The rest of the garlic roasted up beautifully, and was soooooo good on EVERYTHING! ;-)