Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bathroom Wishlists

Sometimes, because I'm terribly impatient, I often make little wish-lists of things I want when we have a house again. Sometimes daydreaming makes apartment living a little more bearable.

Next to the yard and garden, the kitchen and bathroom are the most thought of rooms. Always at the top of my list is an awesome double shower head. I miss a good, relaxing shower. Shower heads are so fancy these days. Massaging, rain-like, ones that move up and down. I'd need a seat in there so I could spend the day! A nice big shower stool.

I supposed for now I'll have to scratch my decorating itch with things I can do in an apartment. Swapping shower curtains and towels, maybe a decal or two. Maybe something really flowery and girly. Some big, puffy floral bath towels and roses on the walls. It may drive the boys nuts, but at least it'd feel like mine. =-)