Friday, September 17, 2010

Review: Bubble Babez

As a mommy of two kiddos with eczema, & a lover of smelly soaps, I am always on the lookout for quality soaps that are great smelling & gentle on the skin. Moisturizing is a MUST, and ingredients that are as natural as possible are too. Eczema is not commercial soap friendly.

So, recently, my Twitter-buddy Nikkie began a soap company. She also has kiddos with skin issues so she knew when she began making her soaps that wholesome ingredients & long lasting moisture would be the basis of her formulas. I must say, she did a wonderful job!

Even though Nikkie & I chat on Twitter & such, I was by no means asked to, or expected to buy from her or do a review. All information & opinions in this post are mine, & mine alone. All products were purchased by me, with the exception of the "Thank You bar" given to all customers, & the "Bubble Yum Fun" which was thrown in. Many companies toss in freebies to first-time, or loyal customers often, so I assumed Nikkie did the same. =-)

There are MANY scent choices on their site. From fruity, to manly, even coffee. There is something for everyone. We have 5 people in the house, & they have a sample package of 5 sample bars of your choice for $6.50. These are BIG samples, not wimpy little slivers, so this is quite a deal, & a great way to try all the scents. I like being able to get affordable samples to try on the eczema kids too, so I can be SURE it doesn't hurt them.

Shipping was fast! in only a few days I had my beautifully packaged, great smelling order.
Everything came shrink-wrapped, & carefully wrapped in tissue paper. The whole shebang was wrapped WELL in bubble wrap, & put in a bubble mailer. Not one shipping causality! ;-)
Super cute notes accompanied:
& also a cute little "Thank You" soap- It was the "Peachy Keen" scent:
Here's my order:
"Energizer" & "Desire" both have salt in them, for detoxifying & exfoliating. Both scents were strong, but not over powering. "Energizer" had a great slightly-minty citrus smell. Very clean, not at all sweet like a lot of citrus scented products. "Desire" was manly, but not brutal. Hubby LOVES it, & is expecting me to get the other manly scents for him to try! 

"Up in the Clouds" & "Infinite's Bubble Baby" are both great kid scents. Nice smelling, but not girly. (I have 2 boys!) "Up in the Clouds" is supposed to smell like cotton candy, & it does, but not super sugary sweet! We liked that! Nikkie's son designed "Infinite's Bubble Baby" himself, right down to the scent. He did a great job! Again, it's nice & perfume-y, but not really feminine (or not either).

I got "Gianni" for the baby. She has very bad eczema & this soap is for very sensitive skin. It is soft, moisturizing, & rinses cleanly away, but leaves it's moisture. It has a beautiful "new baby" smell. Great for babies, or like in our house, a toddler who seems sweeter when she smells like one ;-)

All-n-all, these soaps were loved by everyone in the family. They all smelled great, felt great, & rinsed away cleanly- everything we look for in a soap! We will be buying again, getting full sizes of our favorites & samples of new scents to try...just as soon at these BIG samples are used up! =-)