Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Handy Solution

Evenings are hell crazy around here. Trying to get everyone fed & bathed after Scouts, football, church, etc. No one ever seems to remember to put anything away, or if they do, remember where they put there things- and that really slows things down. I thought about getting everyone cubbies, baskets, SOMETHING for them to keep their bath/shower things in & be responsible for. Everything I found was waaaay too big. They were all perfect for carting around the bathroom cleaning supplies- but for one kid's toiletry junk, not so much.

Then, at Dollar General, I found these smaller caddies. They're the PERFECT size- not huge, and not super tiny. They came in the same exact colors as all their back-to-college promotional stuff, so I'm assuming that they're not permanent- so hurry up & grab some- or wait until next summer for the new ones! ;-)