Thursday, August 25, 2011

Behavior Charts

Like many families, we're once again trying a new system for encouraging our kiddos to "behave". We've tried all manner of charts, signs, points, etc, and none seemed to be a perfect fit for every member of our house. Then I thought about combining methods to create our perfect, or near-perfect system.

Our oldest does well with points, our second-oldest does well with the "color" system at school. He'll strive to "stay on green" mainly because he dislikes the colors orange and red. Hey, that's a good enough reason for me, it gets results! ;-)

So here is our newest chart:
You can click for a bigger/better view...

Instead of writing "BEHAVIOR-ALERT, BE CRABBY WITH MOM" [;-)] across the top, I simply provided a reminder. "How are you doing today?" There are clips for each member of the family, with their initials, to mark their progress. I used a foam-cutout letter for each initial. Show here are plastic clips I got in the dollar bin, I had clothes pins, but the little one kept stealing them. She likes to use them for crafts, but these plastic ones she's never used- so she doesn't want them. =-)

The system is easy to use. Helped your sister? Please move your marker up to green. Aren't doing your chores? Please more your marker to orange. It this one of those days I wonder if you're my child or a body-snatching alien? Dude, welcome to the black square.

When a member gets 25 points, they get to pick a prize from Mommy's lovely box of $1-and-under goodies.

I also like that you can make the colored places as big or as small as you need for your family. You can use a tiny index-card sized piece for 1 or 2 kiddos, or a whole sheet for several. I have a friend I adore who might need more than a sheet-sized place! The ones I have here are 3"x6". I also laminated them and attached them at the same time by putting them together with clear contact paper.


Shannon said...

Hey now, don't knock it! ;o)

Shannon said...

Surely you were referring to some OTHER half-insane lady with nearly a dozen kids! ;o)

Shannon said...

Seriously though, this is a SUPER cute idea! May just have to steal it... you think poster-board will be big enough? :-D