Thursday, March 22, 2012

Little One Friendly Errand Food

Occasionally we have appointments "in the City", an hour away, and quite often they fall when or around when our preschooler is wanting lunch. She is not a morning person, I may as well be asking her to simply walk into Mordor if I'm gonna ask her to eat earlier. We've been getting along just great making a mini (her sized) "bento box" before we go. The secret to a perfect sized box? Using a sandwich container. I love the Rubbermaid ones. Sturdy, easy to clean, and the lids stay in shape! I effin' hate warped lids!

This lunch was a big hit, every bite gobbled up: a butterfly cut turkey and baby spinach sandwich. Grape tomatoes pre-sprinkled with kosher salt and some pepper. And a few prunes and dried apricots. {Menu-planning let me know that we were having cheese with there's her dairy ;-) }

Tucked into another container were some mini pretzels and pumpkin seeds, with a few extras in case a big brother wanted to share. ;-) Also, a little 100% juice box.

What do you do to keep the troops fed in the car?