Thursday, April 19, 2012

Simple Solution for Hair Elastics!

I've seen a few posts on Pinterest where moms have sorted their little girls' hair things, and recently a few have had the great idea of putting the little tiny hair ties in tackle boxes! Genius!

Being super clumsy though, I had to go a step further...push-to-open pill boxes!
I got one like this at Dollar General for two bucks. It opens easily, shuts tight, and I can have the ONE color open at a time and not spill all of them EVERYWHERE.

These push-to-open boxes for arthritic hands are normally off limits in this house because of tiny beings. But they're the perfect size for our hair tie needs, not too big, not too small.

As you can see, I sanded the letters off with an emery board. Not the prettiest solution, but there are some letter decals I want to get next time I'm in the city, and they'll need a rougher surface. =-) (The marker will just come of with a little rubbing alcohol.)

Our supply of clear ones was a bit too much, so they reside in the tiny container that previously held the whole jumbled mess: