Thursday, April 26, 2012

The BEST Foaming Hand-Soap Refill "Recipe"

I love my foaming hand-soap dispensers. I got them on sale of course, and they REALLY help the little soap monsters not gobble up so much money when they wash their hands. (I'm looking at you, Princess and Calculator...) What I don't like is paying so much for "proper" refill solution. So, I did what every cheap frugal mom does, and turned to bloggerland for a homemade refill. Bingo. THRIFTY and easy. My two favorite adjectives. BUT. They just didn't seem perfect. Yeah, they cleaned. Yeah, they foamed. Yeah, they smell nice. But they didn't have that THICK, lovely foam that the originals have. I liked that. A lot.

So I tried something.
I took my beloved Dr. Bronner's. Put about thiiiiis much in my dispenser:
Click to enlarge

You might even be able to put a bit less, sometimes I add a couple inches of water when it's low with no loss of foamy goodness.
Then I added HOT water with a funnel so it wouldn't agitate the soap too much. Not all the way up, leave some space for the pumping mechanism.
Popped that pump back on. Then rejoiced in thick-foam heaven.
Ooooooo...that's niiiiice.


Anonymous said...

This may sound dumb but...What is Dr. Bronners?

Jenni said...

Anon- it's a soap product. I get mine at Target. It's on sale right now too! =-)