Friday, January 10, 2014

Influenster Violet VoxBox

Between Winter Break and major life changes in the Disheveled house, I'm a little behind on some things. Blogging being one of them, and by default- reviewing my awesome "VoxBox" sent to me by the good people at Influenster.

So, without further delay, the good (very good!), the bad (unfortunately), and the ugly (my neglected cuticles.)

Let's start with the bad. Let's get it out of the way. Soyjoy. I am very disappointed in you. The picture on the wrapper looked tasty, the brand Soyjoy proudly displayed, promising me a quick and yummy mommy-breakfast on one of our busiest days. 

One of these things was not like the other. & it was VERY dry (I even dipped it in my coffee!) and very not-dark-cherry-chocolate flavored. At least I had my coffee. & the rest of the VoxBox.

The rest of the products were pretty straight-forward and met my expectations.

The mask from Montagne Jeuness was weird at first, I'd never used a clay mask that was A MASK before. The fabric to it was sturdy, but easy to apply. It smelled heavenly. Fruity, but not sweet- like real fruit even. It left my face soft and didn't break me out. I can't seem to find the pictures of the mask, but that's probably better for you ;)

Some of the boxes got a Goody Quickstyle brush, and some a Goody Athletique Headband. I received the headband. In grey! Perfect! Not much to show, but I can tell you it was super comfy, slipped very little, and the adjustable feature was something I didn't know I needed. It whisked away sweat, even while bouncing away on the wii Fit, and didn't get moist and stinky itself.

I also received the Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo. Which is a mouthful. But not a handful. Even though I'd never used a dry shampoo before (which is weird b/c I am a no/low poo-er, right!?) I found it very easy to use, didn't seem dusty or overly powdery at all. The really-gotta-brush-the-hell-outta-it-or-you'll-be-grey feature of dry shampoos is why I hadn't tried them before. I am very glad this one left me with a good impression. Plus it smells great! Not really there....but clean.

And finally, the Sally Hansen Triple Shine polish. It took me foreeeever to get a chance to try it, kids and all. And when I finally did I didn't get to sit down and do the whole pampering thing, so excuse my HORRIBLE cuticle care. It is temporary, I promise.

But on the bright side, the polish was thick and smooth enough to apply quickly given my lack of time. Just a couple coats and I was done. I didn't even to a white base-coat like I usually do with bright colors, it just popped on its own! It may be weird, but I do have to say I really liked the brush on this product. It was a touch bit wider than normal, the teensiest bit tapered. (Even if my spell-check is yelling at me that teensiest isn't a word- whatever...) and a bit flat. It applied beautifully. I may just go and buy all the colors because I love the feel of the brush so much!

So, a quick reminder/disclaimer:
Yes, I was sent the VoxBox for fun & review, but all the opinions are strictly mine and mine alone. (Sorry SoyJoy :( ) I received no payment for my participation in the program, other than the products themselves.