Monday, January 6, 2014

Roasters Are for More Than Thanksgiving (Pt.1?)

Chicken quarters can go a LONG way. When they go on sale, a 10 pound bag for less than $5.00, I am SURE to grab one because I can bake it up and have several meals of shredded chicken in the freezer. (There are SO many recipes I use them in!) Usually, it will take me 2 or more pans to bake off all the chicken. I'll bake it, serve up a few pieces for dinner that night, then put the rest (minus the bones and skin!) in the freezer, portioned for a few more meals. Then I got a roaster.
Before I bought a roaster for Thanksgiving (to make cooking everything at the same time easier) I made myself promise it would get LOTS of use. Even though it was on sale, I wanted to be sure I could use it more than once a year.
So, I was really excited to see that the WHOLE bag of chicken quarters fits, bakes evenly and there's enough room that the skin browns and crisps nicely.

Plus it leaves the oven free for other dunno... cookies!
I'm also looking into MORE uses for my roaster, if you know any- let me know in the comments! :)


Anonymous said...

Use the roaster when making cabbage rolls.