Friday, April 15, 2011

I Still Love You Sharpie, but I Also Have A New Love...

At least when it comes to writing on plastic bottles and containers! I use a few spray bottles throughout the house, clearly marked with their contents (SAFETY FIRST!), for cleaning and such. Every couple-few weeks I'd whine and complain that the marker has rubbed, or been cleaned off, and re-write it. Why is that such a problem? Because it starts to look cloudy & gross. AND sometimes it comes off on my hands. (I'm going to go with it being my lotion, because I'm preeeeetty sure my hand aren't THAT greasy!)
I don't know WHY I didn't think about this earlier- it is like the greatest idea EVER!
Nail polish! Not any old nail polish though, my handy-dandy decoration-drawing L.A. Colors Art Deco polish. It has a long, thin brush that makes lettering look neat and tidy!

I got mine super cheap at Dollar General for $1 each. They don't have all the colors, but they often add a new one to the rotation, so I pick one up for my stash when I see them. Black obviously works for all purposes in container identification....but I'd imagine other colors would be cool for coordinating with your color schemes.  Stay clear of the glitter ones (for containers- for nails they ROCK!) because you wouldn't be able to read them. I think I need to hop over to DG and grab a back-up bottle of black before I use it all up! =-)