Monday, April 4, 2011

Kinda Tutorial: Mini/Play Oven Mitts

Here is a method, disguised as a tutorial, on how I threw together my little one's play oven mitts that will go with her new play kitchen she'll get for her birthday soon. That is one long sentence.

First, you'll want some fabric. Either enough of one color/pattern for your mitt, or mitts, or two coordinating fabrics. I used old baby clothes of hers. (I also turned her old favorite dresses into an apron, but that's another post...) You only need a bit, toddlers and pre-preschoolers are known for their awfully tiny hands. ;-)

I did an outline of her little hand, and added about an inch-ish all around to get a pattern to trace. I slip-stitched, so I needed very little seam allowance, but you may need to add an extra 1/4 inch if sewing by machine. I can also try to make a printable pattern if you all would like...

You'll want to trace on the wrong-side of the fabric, and be sure to flip the pattern over for the opposite hand. (If making a pair.) Match the pieces right-sides together. Hem the bottom edges if needed. I cut mine out against the hem of the shirts I used. Lazy never looked so lovely.

You're going to want to add a little loop for hanging (just like real mitts...) I used the straps off one of my shirts (that I cut the mitts out of...) for one, and bits of ruffled collar off an other for a second pair. You can used almost anything, ribbon, a bit of bias tape, hemmed scraps, etc...
You'll want to place you loop between your layers like so:
Pin or baste in place.  (The lighting is wacky because I did this at

Sew around, leaving the bottom open. (Hey, sometimes we need little reminders- MOMMY BRAINS!)

Turn right-side out and smooth the rounds on the inside with a chopstick.
I also made matching mini tea towels by sewing the edging off the cuffs of the shirts I used to some CHEAPY white washcloths. The kind that are about 18 for $3 and scrub so awesomely. You can also use ribbon, lace, bias tape, etc here as well, but the edges I cut off just fit perfectly and matched! I did the top & bottom of the washcloth. I may make some more when she's a bit older & more sophisticated, adding a bit of embroidery. =-)


Kim ~ One Nutty Mama said...

Adorable! She is going to love it!