Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holidays on a Budget: DIY Plastic Wreaths

Looking for an easy, but time consuming craft to keep the kids busy? Or maybe just one that's durable? Then grab a wire clothes hanger, a couple of white trash bags and some scissors.

Bend (or is it unbend?) your hanger into a circle. Some people like to leave the hook on for hanging, but I clip that sucker off. I also covered the part where I twisted it back together with a little tape so no one would get scratched. I also totally forgot to take a picture of this.

Next, fold your trash bag(s) in half lengthwise until you have a controllable width to cut. Cut into inch-ish sections.
That paint in my thumbnail will just NOT go away!

Then, cut each strip into pieces about six inches long. (I got 8 with each strip.)
Now we'll tie our strips to our wire form. A billion hitch knots... I believe this one is called a Cow Hitch. I'm not sure exactly what words can describe this best, so yay pictures!
Make a U shape, lay under the wire. (You can do this holding it, but I can't hold it and take pictures.)
 Bring your tails up over the wire, and through the loop.
Pull taught, and repeat. Fill your form.
Add some decorations, (yay hot glue!) and you're done. Simple for all your kiddos to do, but will keep them ridiculously busy all afternoon. Lovely.
I'm thinking about trying it with a green cheapy vinyl tablecloth for a green one!