Sunday, December 11, 2011

Holidays on a Budget: Holiday Card Holder

Here is a simple wreath for displaying your holiday cards. You only need a few items to make it, and it makes a great busy project for an older kid.

Begin with cutting an eleven-inch circle from some sturdy cardboard. You will also need a five-inch hole out of the center.

Next, cover this in some wrapping paper. Be sure to cut slits or notches in around the edges of the paper so it will cover the curves nicely.

Next, you can paint your clothespins, or cover them with the same paper. A coordinating paper would be nice too. To cover the pins cleanly, apply your glue, and press to the backside of your paper. You'll want to use a piece of paper bigger than your clothespins, and let them dry thoroughly before trimming the paper down. You can also coat with some Modge-Podge or similar coating for protection.
 Arrange your 12 clothespins around your wreath. Secure with hot glue. You can also add some ribbon to the center to make it more wreath-like. (We did...) By the time your pins are filled with cards around the outer edge, the ribbon in the middle will be a nice touch.