Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Peanut Butter-less Pinecone Bird-feeders: Great For Kids With Allergies

Pinecone bird-feeders are always a big hit, for the kids having fun making them, and for the birds who get a tasty treat. We've been unable to make any for a few years though, because our youngest is allergic to peanuts. Then I read a genius idea somewhere on the internet- use shortening to stick the seeds! Now, the idea is super, but I felt that shortening wouldn't be a great choice for birdies, so I went with a choice birds love, and is better for them- lard!

Simply cover your pinecones with a bit of lard, filling in some space so you can cram a lot of seed on/in there. I tied my string (couldn't find my twine! =-( ) before we covered them to cut down on mess. Even the little one could do this step, so it was a craft for everyone.
Next, put your wild birdseed into a small tray so you have room to move your pinecone around and cover it thoroughly.Even with the tray, our table got a bit messy, but nothing that wasn't easy to clean. ;-)

I popped ours into the fridge to set up. And, just like the peanut butter versions, hang your feeders during cooler/cold weather to prevent the whole thing from melting off of the cone.

This should bring happy little birdies for us to watch this Autumn!