Sunday, May 20, 2012

Don't Fight With Elastic!

One of the things that frustrates me when sewing quick little girls' dresses and skirts is sewing in the elastic. Pulling it to get it in the right place, it slipping, over and over...BUT I just learned this super cool way to get your waistbands in without tugging and cursing!

First, unwind, BUT DON'T CUT, your elastic, mark the length you need.
Thread through your fabric as usual. Sew the end to secure.
Then, push the other end of the fabric back to the mark you made.
Now you can easily sew this side to secure too, without cursing. No stretching and pulling a small bit of elastic to fit!
Perfectly gathered.


Rokkie - Please Be Chocolate said...

Neat! Now if only I sewed. I laughed at the "without cursing" bit.