Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: Let's Get Going Again

Remember when this was a weekly thing? Hmmm....yeah, my consistency leaves something to be desired. To be honest, between getting sick with something over and over, and my back going out repeatedly, my weight was the last thing on my mind. Well, no. That's a big fat lie- my weight is ALWAYS on my mind...but dieting, was not. I've done surprising well sort of maintaining while on a workout hiatus, I'm only up TWO pounds from where I last left off. ONLY. So really, I can totally do this. I can totally just jump right back in.

This is me doing "The Corpse"...only bigger, and with a shirt on!
I'm still recovering from my latest back-crap-extravaganza, but I've been looking up things I can do even when my back is out. I may just be laying on the ground doing a yoga move called "The Corpse", BUT THAT IS SOMETHING. I have nutritional goals I can still do too.

So, let this mark my new beginning. It may be my millionth do-over, but that's better than a sit-there-and-don-do-it-at-all.

  • Continue with the water drinking kick! See if I can add more in. (Studies show heavier people can benefit from more than the normal 8-10 glasses a day)
  • EAT breakfast every day.
  • Saying eating lunch too would be pushing it- I work better with baby steps- so I'm going to at least have a mid-day snack.
  • Focus on the nutrition of foods, not the calories since I know calorie counting makes me a rabid beast of old BAD habits. 
  • Take my mulch-vitamin every day! I forget it far too often!


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