Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: and a Weekly Re-cap

Wow, I can't believe I haven't been able to sit down and write in a week! Wait, yes I can- it's been crazy here!

Crazy and all- I am down 4 pounds! I am SURPRISED because my back still isn't 100%, so exercise was minimal. BUT- I've been trying really hard to not skip meals, even if I only get a snack in. I didn't do too well on my breakfast goal, but on those days I tried extra hard to at least get something in for lunch.

As for my other goals, water intake was good! I've been loading my big cup up with ice water and sipping all day long. Lemon-ginger water is especially good. I've been eating whole foods, with the exception of whole wheat tortillas and whole wheat noodles- oh and the tiny bit of cake we had last night. Moderation! =-)

And a recap of my week-
Summer is here, it got hot, kids are getting restless. The summer reading program starts next week though, and each of their age groups are on different days of the week. That will give them something to do and time away from each other!

I've started an Etsy. Well, I've finally put something in my Etsy. I've had one since they started...but changed my name sometime last year....but still haven't put anything in until now. It's just (cute!)hair things for now, but I've got other things to enter. Busy busy! =-)

Today though, a day to rest my back before cleaning....watching Shaun the Sheep, and sipping coffee. (This coffee could use some ice!)