Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Heard Around The House: Preschooler Edition

The Princess has been on a roll this week, I can hardly contain the laughs. (But I have to, or she screams that I'm laughing AT her!) Besides her usual schooling-related declarations, ("A is for applesauce AND apples!"), she's been generally funny and adorable. I'd better enjoy it while I can, right!?

  • When The Calculator came in to tell me the bathroom light had blown out- "Oh no! I guess now we have-ta buy a new house!"
  • When we were discussing what to make for lunch- "Mooo-oom! I want you to feed me, not just TALK about it!"
  • And totally out of the blue, decided to tell me she NEEDS FIVE brothers- "I have two brothers, then I get three, and then four brothers, then that turns into five brothers!"  And while I appreciate her GREAT math skills, um...what!?
  • She's also cute when she's bossing around the cat- "Keelie, you just go sit over there and do cute cat stuff."
And she won't listen to reasoning with the brothers thing. I tried to remind her how much she hates the smell of her brothers, and complains about their farts. Can you just imagine THREE MORE butts to have to put up with!? 
     "Buy some more spray stuff when you go to the store."
She's just sooooo smart, isn't she!? =-D